One Last Talk

‘One Last Talk’

So many once upon a time’s

Looking for happily ever after’s

Stories aren’t for just putting kids to sleep

They’re for waking adults up


Outside appearances can hold so many lies

Inner longings don’t tell the truth

The tide will one day drop

Leaving us all standing naked

We pretend that our rooms are clean

Failures swept under the bed

Fears stuffed in the closet

Rest of our shit stacked in piles behind the door


Lowering your high expectations

Makes life so much easier to succeed

Simply seeing things in an opposite kind of way

Question your asks rather then ask your questions


100,000 times per day a heart beats to keep a soul alive

72 times per minute sending 1.3 gallons through 60,000 miles of veins

That’s 38 million beats pumping 700,000 gallons per year

By a 10oz pump that on its last beat wants yes answered to life’s final question


3am wake up calls by regrets, anxieties, fears and loneliness

Ghosts of depression we don’t want to believe we see

Dr. Mind diagnoses the heart as crazy

Straight jacket and solitary confinement its prescription


Anonymous feedback reviews by societies opposite twins

Those that love you more then reasonable

Or the ones spreading toxic filth onto the path you have chosen

As middle class performs a vanishing act


What are the average 7000 words I speak daily really trying to say?

That can’t be said more clearly in a thousand words or less

When my true voice only holds the rights to 600 of them

Trademarks of my life under copyright protection


3 full pop cans of blood feeds our brain each minute

Oxygen the nutrient to power our average 50,000 thoughts per day

A 15 pack of beer cans, blood light used to quench the thirst of the rest of us that feels

Supplying 20% for thoughts and 80% for feelings, a heart attack of truth


We sit in time machines constantly waiting to take off

Having checked 3 bags of luggage packed full with our past

Small carryon packed tightly with the essential dreams that we can’t afford to lose

Flight has been delayed again as we wait for a passenger named ‘Present Moment’


Present Moment with zero baggage is stuck in customs getting strip-searched

The body scan confirms suspicion without a shadow of a doubt

Head thinks, heart feels, soul lives and spirit flies.

Security breach, we are at our best when we don’t fit in


Tidy up your room and carry your dirty laundry out with a bag over your shoulder

The washboard of vulnerability is waiting to do its work

Let your soul be cleaned by the scrubbing of your wounds

Hands of others the clothespins on the line where our spirits left hung to dry


Open the drawers and take out your fresh-stacked dreams

Grab all the hope, joy, love and compassion hanging from all the hangers in your closet

Put them on and rip the door to your heart off its hinges

Open the window and speak your fresh air of truth


Speak the 600 authentic words you hold dear to your heart

One last talk to lift other souls from the dead

You step onto the stage wrapped in courage with a death look staring fear in the eye

A spotlight blinding your fear and shining light on the words that step out of your mouth


The power of your voice answering life’s final question

The question behind all of the questions is this

‘Did you become yourself’?


and they all lived happily ever after.

– Kent Bonertz

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