Long Distance Love

Long Distance Love

One day we will have it all

This time apart tick, tick, tick will finally tock and be forgotten

I miss you more than I thought I ever could

Be home in a matter of days by the time you get this letter


It’s like I can feel your pain when we talk on the phone

Can’t turn my feelings off for you if I tried

Wouldn’t hurt this much being apart

If I didn’t love you so much with this heart

Can’t wait until I can reach for you every night

Curl my body into yours

You don’t even know all the things you do

When I close my eyes I can feel your arms around me


Hard to have everything for a short time

Then nothing for along time

So nice to hear your voice at the other end of the line

But so hard at the same time


I know this is only temporary

That we will have forever and more together

I love leaving a trail of kisses on your body

All I can breath is your life


My heart is missing the sound of yours

What if something goes wrong with it?

And I’m not there to hear it skip a beat

Wish I could make the hurt go away


This heart of mine belongs to you

For once this truth doesn’t scare me

Because I know you will take good care of it

Threesome we have with long distance has helped clarify my feelings


Don’t want to push you into commitment your not committed too

By clinging to you fueled from thinking how I never want to lose you

Never been so not in control of my feelings

Sometime I worry that I’m not always the person you need


I learn a lot about you

The kind of person I want to be

Some people never find the kind of love we share

You’re all I could have dreamed of and more


Get scared sometimes about how intense my feelings are for you

When I feel insecure and don’t talk about it

I push you away so I won’t get hurt

But if you start doubting it will get unbearable


All I do is go to school, think about you

Come home from school and think about you

Eat and think about you

Go to bed and dream about you


I wish I never sent that last letter

Because it’s hard to take things back

Can’t get over this unless I know the whole story

You owe me at least that!


I’m just hurt, confused and scared of loosing you

Hate the fact that she can call you and I can’t

Wish I could see you for an hour

Curl up together and forget all about this


The hurt won’t go away

I’ve never felt so jealous in my whole life

Need to be home with you so all my insecurities melt away?


Can’t tell you to drop dead and go to hell

I want her to stay away

Disappear so everything will be like it was

But I know it can’t just vanish


I really dislike her and am feeling very protective

Don’t leave me alone cause I still really love you

Feeling so hopeless knowing I should be home

Our love is not easily replaced or forgotten


I guess I now know what its like to get hurt

But as hurt, shocked and upset I am

I’m grown up enough to deal with my problems

Not take the easy way out and shut off my feelings


We can’t push our relationship any further

No more hurting each other this bad

Normally I would be gone before I got hurt

But running away is no longer and option when I’m this much in love


We have both needed to grow up

Figure out what we want out of life

So that when we finally do get to be together

Things will fall into place


Our relationship has been pushed just far enough

That it will be stronger in the end

Please don’t worry about loosing me

I won’t stay away forever I promise


It’s funny to look back over the last few years

Wondering how it all managed to work out

How we just kept getting drawn back to each other

You are all I’ve ever dreamed about and more


I’m looking forward to a lifetime of love

Knowing each moment together is so precious

The distance we had has brought us closer

I hope our love lasts happily forever after.

Kent Bonertz


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