Long Distance Love

Long Distance Love

One day we will have it all

This time apart tick, tick, tick will finally tock and be forgotten

I miss you more than I thought I ever could

Be home in a matter of days by the time you get this letter


It’s like I can feel your pain when we talk on the phone

Can’t turn my feelings off for you if I tried

Wouldn’t hurt this much being apart

If I didn’t love you so much with this heart

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One Last Talk

‘One Last Talk’

So many once upon a time’s

Looking for happily ever after’s

Stories aren’t for just putting kids to sleep

They’re for waking adults up


Outside appearances can hold so many lies

Inner longings don’t tell the truth

The tide will one day drop

Leaving us all standing naked

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I Disobey on This Day

‘I Disobey On This Day’

Darkness I feel wants to take me for a walk

Sitting quietly next to my master depression

I obey on this day!

The leash is attached to what feels like a noose around my neck

These are the days I feel most empty and lost

If only I could find that bone I buried deep down inside

I jump to my feet as my kids open the door

Forgetting the choke chain that feels like a nose

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