I would recommend this to anybody and I’m proud to be part of this amazing experience with such amazing people. It truly was an incredible weekend and the best weekend I’ve ever had!

I believe this is for anybody / everybody and not just because someone has struggles. Some may have heavier difficulties – but everyone still and definitely needs to get back to their feet and have this type of reflection and create the ‘SPACE’. I just loved every minute of it!. – Lea Ferrer

Thanks Kent for keeping this to a small and personal sized group that allows for sharing and getting to know people. There is so much value to this program and building it into storytelling was an amazing way to get the meanings across. Thanks man and I love ya! – Graham Schmidt

 Kent’s gentle was of connecting with each person in the group was amazing. I never felt uncomfortable, less than. I was lifted up and was given the courage to move forward on my journey with myself and my loved ones. Proud and honored to call Kent a friend. He has found his calling, purpose and passion as a teacher. I’m Inspired. – Evan Ziemer 

The Ultra Dream Retreat was and amazing way for me to tap into my creativity, meet fantastic people and reset my priorities on what truly matters. + Kent’s awesome. – Dan Harrison

Don’t stop Kent – this was more heart felt than anything I’ve seen before. – Mitch Collings

I found a gentle side of myself through a well planned and caring retreat. – Dave Brett

It was truly life altering. Self-knowledge is everything, and I gained a level of self-knowledge I never could have on my own, or with anyone else. Only you could have delivered this. – Zander Robertson

My dearest Kent, thank you doesn’t come close to expressing my gratitude and love to you. All your planning, the details where amazing. The depth that you put into and brought to this experience was truly amazing. Thank you – it was fucking amazing. – Michele McLellen

Intense great experience that will take time to reflect. Exciting exercises, both physical and mental. Great people, great location, great to be able to be yourself. – Nik Hsieh

My expectations for this weekend were high but that is only because I knew you’d make this amazing. And you did! My expectations were high, but I had no idea I would get this much out of it. I’m scared- and excited – to move forward into “real life. – Jen Ziemer

I just feel so thankful. What a gift! There were times when I wanted to give up, fake sick and go home – not because it wasn’t challenging but because I felt overwhelmed and afraid, like I couldn’t do what was being asked of me. I was even mad at times, at the feeling of being pushed out of my comfort zone … but in hindsight I can see how I needed all of this – how it pushed me to move beyond boundaries and I was so proud of myself for not giving up. Thank you for pushing and believing in me. – Chealsea Pritchard

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