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One Year Program 

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BECOME MORE OF THE PERSON YOU’RE MEANT TO BE. Go beyond what is usual or ordinary for your unique cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal. Create the Separation your Soul craves, come on an Adventure your Spirit needs and you will be sure to Return with the gifts you carry! Please join the next ‘Hero’s Journey’ experience to help you create more clarity and meaning in your life — personally, professionally, in ways you can imagine, and in more ways that you cannot.

About the Hero’s Journey Experience

The Hero’s Journey experience is a life-enhancing yearlong program set in the Majestic Canadian Rockies, and led by experienced retreat guide and nature lover Kent Bonertz. The program has been designed to embrace four core pillars: The Hero’s Journey, The Forces of Nature, The Circle of Power, and Your Meaningful Plan.

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is based on the work and teachings of 20th century mythologist, writer and lecturer Joseph Campbell. During the year long experience, you’ll be personally guided on your very own Hero’s Journey, as you’re ushered forward through a structured program that includes storytelling, music, poetry, and other key elements inspired by various cultures and teachings. Ultimately, you’ll see with illuminating and enlightening clarity the special gifts that you’re uniquely meant to share with the world. Our ancestors had many great teachings and this program leverages these time-tested truths.

The Force of Nature

The Canadian Rockies and the rustic natural splendor that will surround you day and night are a core part of the experience. Indeed: nature is a powerful force that has something to teach you about who you are, and who you’re meant to become. As you unplug and reconnect with your inner being, you’ll hear and heed this message louder and clearer than you ever imagined. Nature is our teacher.

The Circle of Power

The experience is designed to be a powerfully personal and intimate journey during which you’ll discover hidden talents, encounter new possibilities, and reconnect with your true, authentic self. Yet be assured that you won’t be “traveling solo.” You’ll be part of a small, compassionate and caring group that both shares and supports your journey; just as you share and support in theirs.

Your Meaningful Plan

The ultimate purpose of the experience is to empower you to apply your new meaningful plan in every aspect of your life, including your career, your family, your friendships, and your connection to the community. You’ll also develop into a role model who inspires others on their journey towards fulfillment; not just by what you do and say, but also by the quality of your very being. This program is about getting in touch with your gifts, creating a meaningful plan and then executing that plan.

‘Hero’s Journey’- One-Year Experience: Details

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The ‘Hero’s Journey’ experience sessions unfold at select times throughout the year, and takes place in the magnificent Canadian Rockies in Alberta Canada. The next Program will begin in spring of 2017 and will continue for three separate unique encounters.

Session #1 – ‘Separation and Call to Adventure’ – summer 2017

Session #2 – ‘Trials and Victories of Initiation’ – fall / winter 2017

Session #3 – ‘Return with New Meaning’ – spring 2018

The Program is for YOU if you’re:

  • Inspired to uncover and reveal your unique gifts and talents.
  • Searching for a deeper sense of meaning, joy and purpose in your life.
  • Interested in developing a new sense of gratitude and appreciation.
  • Open to experiencing profound, transformative change. Getting out of comfort zone.
  • Ready to break through the barriers that are limiting your growth and potential.
  • Inspired to build meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime with others and self.
  • Looking for an experience that has been meticulously designed and limited in participants.

What’s Included:

  • Program includes 3 uniquely designed face to face sessions that are scheduled around seasons.
  • Each face-to-face session will be a minimum 3 days in length (9 days total).
  • One to one and group coaching calls between each session – provide support and accountability.
  • All activity fees and many incidentals (some lodging and food included).
  • Please note: you will receive additional information on what to bring for each session once you have signed up. With heavy nature aspect each session requires preparation and planning!

What’s in Store?

  • Teachings inspired by ancestors through storytelling, music, poetry and spoken word.
  • Carefully selected adventures in nature designed to weave into the experience.
  • Rustic, raw and authentic experience with a small group ‘Tribe’ of individuals.
  • Work comprised of one to one, personal and group reflection / conversation.
  • Intimate, self-reflective and supportive journey with an emphasis on support and accountability.
  • Great food and fun – plenty of laughter and adventure, you will often feel like a kid again!
  • …and much more!

Fees & Booking Details

Enrolment in the ‘Hero’s Journey’ experience costs $7995 + GST (payment plans available). To reserve your place, email Kent.Bonertz@gmail.com, phone (587) 777-0221.


(100% money back guarantee if this experience doesn’t deliver value to you)


The ‘Hero’s Journey Experience – Year Program Offering – 2017

Past Retreat: Testimonials


The following is feedback from past retreat participants, who hail from all walks of life and have now taken profound steps forward on their Hero’s Journey:

“I would recommend this to anybody and I’m proud to be part of this amazing experience with such amazing people. It truly was an incredible weekend and the best weekend I’ve ever had! UNBELIEVABLE. GREAT. AWESOME LIFE CHANGING”. – Lea Ferrer

“Powerful and impactful. Did not think I would be as affected as I was. MIND BLOWN”. – Evan Ziemer

“The ULTRA DREAM Retreat was and amazing way for me to tap into my creativity, meet fantastic people and reset my priorities on what truly matters. + Kent’s awesome”. –Dan Harrison

“This experience was Awesome! I love nature and I love the creative self expression that this weekend taps into – Thank You”. – Mike Gillespie

“Intense, Kent’s authentic love for everyone in the group was always evident. The space for sharing was amazing and everyone connected at a deep level”. – Mitch Collings

“I have not had such a clear head in years. I finally feel the fire in my belly again and am ready to get up and start again”. – Graham Schmidt

“Intense great experience that will take time to reflect. Exciting exercises, both physical and mental. Great people, great location, great to be able to be yourself”. – Nik Hsieh

“It was truly life altering. Self-knowledge is everything, and I gained a level of self-knowledge I never could have on my own, or with anyone else. Only you could have delivered this”. – Zander Robertson

“My dearest Kent, thank you doesn’t come close to expressing my gratitude and love to you. All your planning, the details where amazing. The depth that you put into and brought to this experience was truly amazing. Thank you – it was amazing”. – Michele McLellen

“Not knowing what to expect, I found a gentle side of myself through a well planned and caring retreat”. – Dave Brett

“A refreshing reminder of how important it is to take time out for yourself and to surround yourself with honest, loving community”. – Jen Ziemer

“I believe this is for anybody / everybody and not just because someone has struggles. Some may have heavier difficulties – but everyone still and definitely needs to get back to their feet and have this type of reflection and create the ‘SPACE’. I just loved every minute of it!”– Lea Ferrer

“Thanks Kent for keeping this to a small and personal sized group that allows for sharing and getting to know people. There is so much value to this program and building it into storytelling was an amazing way to get the meanings across. Thank man and I love ya!” – Graham Schmidt

Thanks and take Care – Kent

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