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I recently completed writing a book that I titled ‘The Ultra Dream’ and have included an excerpt below:

The Burning Desire

Being a multi-millionaire, retiring on a beach, travelling the world, and being super-fit all sound nice, and they’re the sorts of vague goals most people have. They seem to make sense to our rational minds. Who wouldn’t want those things?

We all would. However, these vague goals aren’t the same as a burning desire, which is a feeling we need in order to reach (or even identify) our Ultra Dream.

In my experience, a burning desire is often unconventional. This often sets it in stark contrast to most goals. Tell someone you’re working hard to get rich and they’ll understand you. Tell people you have a burning desire to quit your job, move to the mountains, and create art full time and you’ll get a lot of funny looks!

However, that’s what a burning desire often looks like. It’s often unconventional, yet its roots goes deep and can even feel like part of you.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you should quit your job, move to the mountains, and create art full time. There are still practical requirements, and there’s a good chance this wouldn’t be practical to you. However, I am suggesting you orient your life around your burning desire to the best of your ability. You may not be able to move to the mountains right now, but perhaps you could go there every second weekend. You may not be able to create art full time, but perhaps you could replace your TV room with an art studio and spend a lot more time at it now.

It’s vital to heed our burning desire. If we ignore it we don’t feel like whole human beings. Our deepest burning desire is a blessing in our lives, but it can become a burden if we ignore it. It might not make sense, but our burning desire is a vital part of the story we tell ourselves about who we are in the world.

On your deathbed you’ll regret what you didn’t do far more than what you did do. If there’s a burning desire somewhere inside you and you choose to ignore it the feeling will become a regret.

Often people even ignore their burning desire for so long they forget what it is. In these cases it simply manifests itself as a feeling of dread, failure, and loss. So many people suffer under the burden of unlived dreams. This is a scourge to our society. We have so much money, material goods, and convenience, but we suffer a poverty of spirit because of our ignored burning desire.

We’re taught as children not to daydream – as though our imagination doesn’t matter. It’s painfully sad to think about how many wonderful children’s daydreams have been crushed into a crippling lack of self-belief and a strong internal bully.

There’s something different and important about these thoughts and daydreams that won’t go away. There’s something important about your burning desire. This feeling is something we must connect with.

My experience is that when I ignore my burning desire I start to feel bad. I feel weak physically, I feel fragile emotionally, and I feel empty spiritually. Perhaps you can relate?

Taking Action

Why is ignoring our burning desire a problem?

It’s a problem because the burning desire must be acted upon. When it’s not acted upon we lose a feeling of magic, purpose, and ability in our lives. There is real power in a burning desire, but we must honor and nurture it before it dies of neglect.

Pursuing your burning desire is the same as living your Ultra Dream.

I repeat: living an Ultra Dream is simply pursuing our burning desire. It has nothing to do with a result or an outcome. The truth is we not reach the end target, but by participating in the Ultra Dream we can’t help but win in life.

Happiness and fulfillment is found in participation in life.

Life is not this drab thing we’ve been sold. It’s not the car you drive to and from work. It’s not the cubicle (or big corner office) you sit in. It’s not even completing a checklist of ‘life items’ (graduating university, getting married, having kids, retiring).

Life is truly lived in participating in our Ultra Dream.


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